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ONLINE: CowSignals® Open Advisor Course

  14 mei 2020  in Online (Bergharen)

Do you want to have a bigger impact on animal welfare and sustainability in the dairy chain? Learn how to focus on prevention and help farmers to improve their dairy management. Look at cows AND people in a different way to motivate real change.

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In this 2-day online-course, we focus on CowSignals® and PeopleSignals®:

learn to recognize a cow’s signals, to identify problems that can lead to disease, and to solve them. We combine all factors that are important for cow welfare: feed, water, light, air, rest, and space. These come together in our welfare model: the CowSignals® Diamond
learn to advise and motivate with effect: how do you open a client’s eyes and mind? How do you help farmers achieve real change?
Learn how to use our most important Advisor tools: the quick CowSignals® 1-2-3 Welfare Check and the more extensive CowSignals® Welfare Assessment.
CowSignals® Advisor License:
Included in the price is a 1 year CowSignals® Advisor License that allows you to use our concept, branding, and Advisor tools in your daily work.
We provide you with all kinds of support to help you be the best advisor you can be: you get access to the CowSignals® ebook, 3 online courses, and an extensive digital toolbox with Advisor tools and other useful information.

Tess Klifman, tess.klifman@cowsignals.com

Joep Driessen

14-16 May 2020

Day 1:
Introduction; interactive lecture on CowSignals® theory. Practical farm Workshop in the barn.
Day 2:
PeopleSignals® Training: how to motivate change in your clients. Learn to ask better questions and to get people to work with you and put your advice into practice.
How to use our Advisor tools:
– CowSignals® ® 1-2-3 Welfare Check
– CowSignals® Welfare Assessment

Meer informatie:
For more information about the course, go to [link www.cowsignals.com/en/live_training/advisor_training_course
CowSignals biedt naast deze onlinecursus nog meerdere online cursussen aan.

CowSignals® Training Center
Hoekgraaf 17a
6617AX, Bergharen
The Netherlands

€1275 (ex.VAT)

If you need to cancel, contact us via info@cowsignals.com. Cancellation in the month before the course will cost you 50% of the total price. If you cancel max. 14 days in advance, the costs are 75%.
You are also free to send someone else in your stead.

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14 mei 2020
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