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Module 6: antibiotics and resistance

  6 februari 2023  in Online

The poultry industry has proven to be an innovative sector, responding to major diseases challenges in efficient and effective ways. One of the major challenges of today and tomorrow is antimicrobial resistance. The use of antibiotics in animal production receiving much attention all over the world. Registration of use is in place in an increasing number of countries. The amount of antibiotics used should be reduced with respect to animal health and welfare, therefore, to combat the threat of antimicrobial resistance and decrease the total use of antibiotics, the focus should be on prudent use of antibiotics.

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In this module we will discuss the epidemiology of resistance in general and specific considerations for poultry and focus on the principles of prudent use in poultry healthcare. Available antibiotics are discussed, including their working mechanism, resistance development, pharmacokinetics and dynamics and treatment advices. Additionally, different test methods for antimicrobial susceptibility (diffusion, dilution and molecular) will be discussed during the module.



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6 februari 2023
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